I'm back........I've missed the first week of March due to an unfriendly influenza bug but I'm not about to let it get me down any further. Feeling almost 'normal' but still not wanting to push my luck, I have been quietly completing this lovely pendant/necklace set. The pendant is a lovely smooth oval chrysoprase cabochon which belongs to my customer and I weaved a sterling silver bezel for it so that it could be worn with a simple, classic moonstone/sterling silver necklace. I know she likes her necklaces a little longer than usual so I've made this 24" long and ended it with a sterling silver toggle, which she also prefers.

This has kick started my muse which was on a hiatus whilst I was down with the flu. So......the engines are warming up and the muse is hovering so I must strike whilst the iron is hot......

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