After I showcased CLARA, I received numerous requests to replicate that necklace/pendant set. However, I am unable to do that as the pendant belongs to my client. She handed me the chrysoprase cabochon a while back and I only just managed to get down to doing something up for her. When I first started 'shopping' for supplies, I remember picking up a few cabs from one of my sourcing trips and I just stashed it away because I had not learnt how to create frames/bezels to encase these lovely stones. The requests I've received after CLARA made me go and look into my boxes of focals/pendants and I found a stash of these gorgeous smooth oval cabs.....unfortunately I don't have chrysoprase, just these rose red aventurines - colour enhanced and heat treated but they're a beautiful pinky red shade. I've decided to work on one using sterling silver, freshwater pearls and clear quartz.....looking good ;p

This is now spoken for...........somebody has already laid claim on this piece :D

Have a great weekend everybody!

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