BLISS BL1024-13 S$88 SOLD

Today, marks the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year.  Traditionally, no house visits are done today, but many don't adhere to that and still continue as per normal....I say "whatever floats your boat" and if you're happy doing it, then go ahead.  No right or wrong where I'm concerned.

Today, too marks the day when businesses resume....not that I consider my crafting a 'business' but I can happily upload a couple of items I've been working on.

These lovely ametrine - green/yellow faceted, fan shape brios are truly spectacular in reality ..... green at some angles and yellow at a different angle.

Topped by dark citrine, peridot, prehnite and moonstone rondells, they hang off a set of amazing cubic zirconia studded earstuds.

Brios: Total weight 38 carats
Drop: 4.5cm

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