JENNA BL1041-13 S$115 SOLD

It may be snowing in Beijing and other parts of the world, but out here in Singapore we're on a heat overdrive!  Ridiculously hot.  A few weeks ago it was mornings, mid-day light showers, evening sunshine with a cool wind and pleasantly cool nights.  Complete reverse now.......but then again all over the world weather conditions are'nt acting 'normal'.

Braving the heat I ventured outdoors to take photos of this necklace which I completed today.  Taken at different locations outdoors .... some under shadow, some with sunshine streaming in from all directions.

Smooth, multi coloured fluorite wheels, lampwork glass beads in tones picked up from the fluorite and lovely smooth chrysoprase green chalcedony briolettes.  Ends with a toggle.  Spacers are goldfilled and gold vermeil.  Lenth of necklace from end to end is 18"

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