Aside from completing and working thru' some custom orders, I am also sorting/pricing/scratching my head and asking myself why I'm going to start on an 'added' project that might come to an 'out of pocket' situation for me.

I am often approached to feature/share my blog with other jewellery designers or manufacturers because of the traffic I receive.  99% of the time I politely decline.  However, a supplier of some of my findings has been very persistent and persuasive in requesting that I carry a range of his ready to wear jewellery.  This has been going on for almost a year.  I've given many reasons to him on why I should not but he has convinced me as to why I should.  

Last month I finally caved in and said "OK but on a trial basis"......... keep an eye out for a link that I will be adding that will feature for the time being 'ready to wear earrings'- goldfilled or sterling silver.

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