FLEURS BL1057-13 S$75 SOLD

Seems like I'm always makin reference to the weather out here in Singapore - well thats because its gone stark raving bonkers.  We had really nice cool days - yesterday and the day before - because of continuous light rain.  Today, its back to 33 degrees Celsius or 91 degrees Farenheight.  Over and above that we have high humidity levels which can be uncomfortable but it does help keep the body cool.

The weather too has made me feel really lousy.  Some kind of viral thingy and I've more or less slept thru' 2 full days - just making quick trips for my errands and then back indoor and sprawled on the sofa where I indulge in Nancy Grace and her less than socially accepted attitude....but I love her :)) to the creation up here......soft pastel colours, oval shape shell pearls which are smaller than the ones I used in BLOSSOM recently.  These are about 15mm long.  I've had the pearls for a while but today I received my package of handmade art glass beads in matte finish and in shades that go so well with the pearls I had on, lavender, turquoise, ivory....These beautiful glass beads are handmade by Judith Billig 

The necklace measures approx 20 cm from end to end.

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