HAZEL BL1064-13 S$60 SOLD

I am sorting out my inventory of beads/findings but as usual I get distracted along the way.........I was sorting through my findings and found this gorgeous vintage metal flower petals which can be used as a connector/bead cover.......whatever your imagination decides on.  I used it as a bead cover.  A gorgeous ochre tone, faceted, plump glass briolette hangs below this eye catching cover.  Next I selected my boxes of earthy tone glass and lampwork beads.  Each bead was 'intentionally' selected, meaning it wasn't random.  Orange - bright and burnt - amber, shades of green, yellow, brown, black.....each bead would have a filigree or solid bead cover.  Wirework is gunmetal.....eye catching in reality .  Necklace measures approx 31" and pendant drops approx 1-3/4" 

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