AIDA BL2025-14 S$80 SOLD

I've just returned from a short vacation to the land of smiles.  Took me a day to recover from all the sun - much hotter than what we're experiencing now in Singapore......

Whilst waiting upon some other supplies to complete some custom orders, I've completed my cataloging of the items I received before leaving for my trip.  These gorgeous emerald cut, green amethyst quartz cushions are teamed with an array of gemstones - smooth and faceted tourmaline in unusual shapes - unfortunately not really visible in my photos, moonstones, garnet and prehnite rondells.  These 'pretties' drop at approx 5 cm and come compete with crystal quartz embedded petite clover shape earposts.

Green amethyst pillows measure approx 17mm x 13mm and weigh approx 32 carats.

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