LILIAN BL2041-14 S$130 SOLD

Still working thru' my custom orders but 'sneaking' in a new creation every now and then.  Due to my short vacation and some other unplanned event, I am faced with a slight backlog of orders.  No worries....taking it all in my stride and everything will be completed in good time.

This lovely Sunday, I've completed a necklace which I was working on in between my other orders.  Consisting mainly of gold rutilated quartz and citrine faceted round, nuggets and blue topaz, this necklace is the anchor for a natural gold rutilated quartz pendant with a gold vermeil bezel.  I've kept this in my 'private' stash just taking it out to admire every now and then but my 'private' stash keeps growing so I thought it would be best to share this with someone else who might treasure it as much as I do.  The pendant is a lovely unique shape measuring 23mm x 18mm - stone without bezel.

Necklac measures approx 40cm/17"

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