MELODI BL2067-14 S$68 SOLD

I'd like to wish my Muslim friends Selamat Aidilfitri and a sincere hope for Peace and Harmony throughout the world.

I decided not to let such a beautiful day - cool with filtered sunlight - go to waste so I rummaged around and decided to create something a little 'vintagey'.  All over Singapore there's a beautiful burst of colour as Muslim families don their Hari Raya outfits to visit relatives and friends.  At lunch I saw such beautiful colour combinations and was inspired to do up something in the colours of the beautiful fabrics that were made up into the traditional baju kurung or kebaya.

MELODI features Vintaj bead caps/wire and czech glass beads.  No gemstones have been used hence the very attractive price........well all my items are priced attractively :D

This piece measures 35" and the 'piece de resistance' would have to be the gorgeous repurposed butterfly pin.

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