I've been away from my beads and crafting for over a week.......we've been dealing with a family medical emergency..... out of the house around 10am and back around 10pm everyday.....everything under control now and LIFE MUST GO ON.

It's now raining out where we are, its a reprieve from the horrific haze we've had to endure, caused by not something within our control.

I finished this lovely necklace about 2 weeks ago but didn't have the opportunity to take photos.  These are a couple of indoor shots I just did, not the best but I need to keep things on an even/normal keel so I'll go ahead and post.....A long necklace...slightly under 40"/101cm......which means it can be wound around 2x.  The beads used are lovely faceted amethyst, green fluorite and rose quartz, I've also included pave bezelled Amethyst, Amazonite and Rose quartz and a cubic zirconia pave connector. Really pretty in reality.

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