I love Sunday afternoons.  I'm usually on my own as everyone else has their own activities and I'm 'off' driving for a bit - some of you are aware why - so this is the best time for me during my 'alone' time to indulge in what I love best in terms of 'activities'.

This creation features chunky irregular shape bloodstone or heliotrope nuggets have beautiful markings and colour tone.  Ranging from deep maroon, shades of forest and light green.  Its really a  very interesting and gorgeous stone.  To add a 'softer' tune to these large nuggets ... ranging in size from 30cm to about 15 cm towards the back, I've included lampwork glass rondells and 3 - 4mm crystal rondells in shades of gold, green, and shades of amber.  Necklace measures approx 20"

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