VAL BL3131-16 S$85 SOLD

I acquired these vibrant royal blue faceted agate rounds a few years ago on one of my sourcing trips before I established online sources.  I've been holding on to these as they are just too lovely to part with.  In the meantime however, with vendors virtually at my fingertips, I have gone overboard with 'holding' on to favourites.  I hope this goes to someone who will appreciate the stones and my craftsmanship.  I've used pyrite flat rondells, polymer clay wheels and faceted opalite crystal large rondells as spacers.  A side focal featuring blue, mocca and white clay and resin flowers sit on a matte oval connector to which I've added ,mystic blue crystals and a mocca tone fishnet bow.  To be seen in reality to be appreciated.22" from end to end.

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