DAISY BL3187-17 S$55 SOLD

Another set of lovely pressed flowers in jewellers resin.  I assume the flowers were once upon a time the ones on the bush in the last photo.  It has a proper botanical name....too I'll just call them small white daisies.

In the collage the photos show that I've actually used the reverse side of the resin brios because I kind of like the little details in the sepals.

The resin brios measure approx 35mm x 30mm and are topped by a handmade lampwork rondelle and a cluster of rondells.  A set of crystal encrusted butterfly earwires complete this garden fairy composition.

Drop of : slightly under 65mm.

NOTE: You have the option of requesting that I use the front side of the flower which is the one with the yellow sigma instead of the back showing the green sepal or choose to have both with the yellow sigma or one of each side as shown in the photo above the 'daisy' bush. Your choice.

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