JILL BL3189-17 S$95 SOLD

We've been experiencing pretty hot and humid days out here in Singapore.  Today was just humid with not much 'shine'.

I don't really like 'over' editing my photos which are really very basic as I have a point and shoot camera but I sometimes have to adjust the exposure just so the 'true' colours of the beads/stones used are more apparent.  Well, once again I haven't really captured the beauty of the shades of purple in the chaorite, small, smooth nuggets nor the faceted tiger eye nuggets - red, brown, light gold.

Two handmade clay leaves which are actually replicas of actual leaves found in the crafter's garden featuring the gorgeous rich colours of the beads I've used.....burnished gold, bluish lavender, copper.....

Lepidolite nuggets measure between 4mm - 10mm whilst the tiger eye are between 8mm - 12mm
Leaves measure 7.5cm x 2.5cm.  Lepidolite is a gorgeous pouring pearly white paint into a tin of lavender paint and swirling the white into the lavender.  Gorgeous. They hang off a connector comprising butterflies and two resin roses enhance the 'garden/floral' theme.

Necklace measures 26"/68cm

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