NIGELLA BL3203-17 S$125 SOLD

How quickly the year is flying by.  We're now into the month of kickstart the 2nd half of the year, I've chosen soothing blues and greens for this creation.  Lovely pillars of light aqua with a matching silk tassel....if you've seen my tassels in reality you'd understand when I say they're really 'rich' and full bodied.  Together with the aqua tone colour-enhanced agate, I've included faceted and smooth green aventurine and jade beads and focal.  Polymer clay pillows, rings of jade and a carved jade centrepiece and gold elements make this gorgeous piece 'pop'

Aqua tone pillars 18mm x 10 mm
Aventurine - 8 and 10mm
Carved jade centrepiece 35 x 25mm
Clay pillows 16mm
Necklace length 32" with a 6" centre drop
                          81cm with a 15cm drop

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