I have a secret garden. I walk around my garden breathing in the exotic fragrances from the myriad of blooms growing in it.  There is a pond, a lily pond.  There are fish in the pond and it is a haven for dragonflies.  Their soft, delicate wings fluttering.  This is their pond of love.  My garden is my font of love.  All the trials and tribulations of the day vanish as I wander thru' my garden.  Alas, my garden isn't really a secret but when I wander around it I am lost in its beauty and believe I'm the only soul there.

My garden inspired this necklace which is a 'myriad' of different materials - coin shape smooth puffy sodalite, polymer clay, decoupage, cloisonne, czech glass.  A bold piece. Approx 26" in total length.

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