This is a photo of the four of us
after our trudge downhill. For me it
was a bit of a 'slide' downhill some of
the way. To the far right is our ever
patient and always obliging Effy (think
thats how his name is spelt). Effy is
the chauffeur of Eva's sister Matrinelly.
The other picture of me and a gentleman
who looks as if he's ready to call it a day
is our guide who was totally mono-
polised by me. I have a great fear of the
unknown and of heights. I so wanted to
say "I can't do this" but I was also
determined to see the flower. This
gentleman was the one who literally
'pulled' me uphill because the fear was
so overwhelming that I was so certain
I was going to faint or worse still, just
slide downhill. After a while this guy
was also dripping in sweat like I was! Posted by Picasa

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