As I've mentioned earlier, I've received tonnes of email. Whilst reading one of them yesterday, from one of my loyal supporters, I couldn't help but smile and then I realised why, inspite of my increased work load (which isn't work actually because I revel in the challenge and bask in the beauty of the beads I work with)I am still able to maintain my sense of humor and equilibrium.

I was reading an email from one of my regulars who is around my daughter's age, she made a statement which to me was the ultimate compliment. How one perceives remarks by others determines how happy or unhappy a person we turn out to be.
Here is an excerpt of her email:

Hi Belinda!

Just read your blog, and I'm not surprised that you're overwhelmed by all your new readers (and buyers)! Read the article in ST yesterday, and wow, a room converted for your beading! Cool! Nice to hear that you have the support of your husband and family, and have to add that his comments were really funny, hehe. Btw, the bf who was beside me while I was reading the article, was surprised that the person I have been buying jewellery from was not another one of those younger babes selling their stuff online, guess he must be surprised that you were able create such fashionable and lovely pieces... that's why I say your daughter is one lucky babe!

Is'nt that just about the nicest things someone could say! Thank you April.

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