I'm taking a little time out to have a cup of hot tea before carrying on with my creating. I was just updating my blog and just re-read my post on my take on life - or a part of my take on life - when it dawned on me that there is something else that makes me real happy. CHOCS!!! I just have to have choclates although I really am not slim and willowy and should not indulge so much but something about choclates that perks up my day or helps me wind down.

I have come across a real cool local choclate site. They have a blog and they do all sorts of stuff with chocs and if I wasn't creating jewellery I'd probably find something to do involving choclates. Check out

So now we all know, beads and choclates keep me going ;D

OK, gotta get back to my wonderland of beads.

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