VANESSA (BL 635-07) S$60 SOLD


I just wish, wish I could capture the true beauty and essence of these 2 fantastic gemstones that I've used to create this pair of earrings. Flawless chrysoprase - a gemstone variety of chalcedony and commonly called Australian jade because of the large mines there - AAA grade faceted moonstone rondells, 14k goldfilled accents. Preciously delicate they swing at a drop of 4 cm from the top of the curve of the earwires to the base of the teardrops. The actual piece of jewellery is going to far surpass what you expect because this photo is just so *blaaaaahhhh*!

Note: - As a rule, I wipe all earwires with a cotton swab soaked in surgical spirit even though I use mainly 925 silver and goldfilled earwires.

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