AIDA (BL 772-07) S$37 SOLD


I'm just back from dropping my husband off at the airport. He's just returned from a deep sea fishing trip and is now off to play golf with a different set of buddies in a beach resort/golf complex. He has more friends than I have 'creations'. I want to be him in my next life if there's such a thing as reincarnation. Never a dull moment where he is concerned. He has different groups of buddies - his fishing 'gang', his golf kaki's, his 'off roading'/trekking group, his nature lovers group, volunteer group and his 'back to reality' group - namely his family =D So for me this weekend will be spent clearing up my backlog, trying to be creative and spending time stuffing my face in between whatever else.

My first set of earrings for the day - bit of a rushed photo but you have my word for it - gorgeous!

Flat, smooth black onyx teardrops wrapped in 925 silver wire, separated from a rhodium plated 'forever knot' connector by a cluster of faceted rondells - moonstone,iolite,garnet,idocrase or vesuvianite. A gentle drop of just 2" this is a petite attention grabber.

ps - I'm not an outdoorsy sort of person so whilst I might have given my husband the impression that I was sporty and into his trekking, fishing, before we were married, he soon found out that the only outdoor thing I'm passionate about is my garden. Was a tad late for him when he found out because everything was signed and sealed..........heehee!

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