Thought I'd share some photos of my husband's recent fishing trip. After going thru' his online album of this trip I now know why I definitely am NOT ever going on one of these trips. Exciting, I'm sure but I'd want to know whether the bunks are en-suite, is there clean water etc. etc. etc. and I'd definitely be thrown off the boat by the 'fishermen'. There are interesting stories to be told but as this is a public blog I cannot relate some of the exciting stories that might or might not involve 'pirates' as it could get sensitive. So, for the trip he just came back from, here are some photos that might give an indication why I choose not to be adventurous.

ps - recognise the 'anything also can' shirt? - fishing/gardening/trekking/bicycling............... btw, I have one too!!!!! (obviously not purchased by me)

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