Thailand is renowned for its fabulous food, stunning scenery and vibrant nightlife.
Wherever you are in Thailand you are bound to stumble upon one of her most flamboyant attractions - lady boy's, colloquially known as Katoeys. These lady boy's are normal men except that they lean more towards their feminine side - if I might put it mildly without offending anyone. Some would claim they are girls in a man's body, others describe them as transvestites. I'm not really sure what the truth is but they are extremely beautiful and would put me to shame if I stood right next to one of them. Tall, beautiful complexions, long silky hair, talented and not embarassed by it either. On Friday night after dinner at Hugi at the Centara Hotel Resort, we left the jeep in the carpark and took a lonnnnng walk down Chaweng Beach Road to a club called Christy's. Around 10 years ago, a gentleman by the name of Mark Cookson - an ex London minicab driver - and Christie who had worked at the world famous Tiffani's and Aleazar cabaret show, opened Christy's. Mark has only been back to his native Enfield once in the last 10 years.

Christies is frequented by holidaymakers and even families - there were a number of tourists who were there with their young kids. It is a clean show featuring mainly these beautiful lady boys dancing and singing - mostly miming to the sounds of Whitney Houston, Abba, Tina Turner........... All in it was a great end to a wonderfully relaxing holiday.

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