Day 2 of our holiday. On our way out after breakfast at the hotel. The view is amazing!

In case you're wondering why I only have photos of us eating and some scenic photos from our hotel, its because Koh Samui is great for those who love the sea - water sports or just sunning - Me? Not a sun lover so we rented a jeep and drove around the island - many times...........stopped only when we had to eat or visit the spa for our 'sessions' - full body massages/aromatherapy/reflexology but I don't recommend manicures or pedicures. They don't have the equipment/materials to remove gel fillers and have probably torn off layers off my nail bed. These are spas at the hotels I'm talking about =(( Massages were great though and thats why we kept going back for more.......... I caught my husband almost whispering under his breath each time we drove past a river or the sea "should have brought my fishing stuff"............ should have, would have , could have........;p

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