My kids were appalled that we went to Koh Samui and ate ice cream at Haagen Dazs. We're only social drinkers and I much prefer a cup of good coffee and a 'sweet' and be able to have good conversation if its just the 2 of us. If we're in a group and with friends who enjoy something a little stronger than coffee we're also game and I would gladly step into any of the pubs/bistros/clubs available along this stretch. This photo shows the disparity between establishments like Haagen Dazs, Hungry Jacks/Burger King, MacDonalds and the little massage/tattoo parlour or the Thai restaurant called "Will Wait" right next door. Like 2 different worlds. Both having their own identity and for you to decide which you prefer.

btw - we had lunch at Will Wait and trust me wait we was really difficult finding authentic thai eateries unless you're prepared to get down to the basics and for me hmmmmm........I'd be checking out the crockery and utensils and wondering if the toilets are clean and if the water they used was filtered, that it is much less of a hazzard for my husband if we just ate at a bigger, cleaner less authentic thai restaurant which obviously catered to tourists tastebuds as he would be able to enjoy his meal without me checking out everything else around me. Yah...I'm a bore. Not a snob just a bore!

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