KYLA BL514-08 S$28 SOLD

Yesterday evening brought showers that were welcome after a few weeks of dry, hot weather. It was very wet but pleasantly cool in the area where we live. The heavy downpour, might or might not have been the reason for our internet connection going thru' several hours of 'down time'. As most of Singapore is now connected 'wire-lessly' it was most frustrating calling in to the service provider and to receive a message that there was an overwhelming number of calls and all their operators were otherwise engaged etc. and to be patient and send an email..........send an email???? How???? Anyway, there was no point in getting frustrated way past bedtime so I just called it a night and went to bed. Thankfully, everythings been reset and we're back on track or online to be precise.

These beauties are like the cool showers we had yesterday that quenched our parched soils. Faceted amazonite coins in a clear sky blue sitting almost perfectly in the centre of textured non-tarnish brass hoops. From a chain 2 swarovski faceted bicone crystals in complementary colours drip. All metal components used are from Vintaj and the drop is approx 4 cm. Diameter of hoop is 2 cm.

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