Its wonderful to rise at the crack of dawn and see the dew on all the plants and the mist hovering above the grass and treetops and these photos kind of show that the sun isn't fully out in usually sunny Singapore. Its a period of final year projects and exams and my daughter and son are getting ready for work/uni. My daughter has to sit thru' 9 am presentations of her students final year projects whilst my son has to drive from our home in the East of the island to the West for his uni assessment and the head honcho has to drive thru' heavy morning traffic too towards his office. Me?? Trying not to get into anybody's way.

These photos are really early morning shots and I won't make any excuses for their lack of pizzazz. They do show the different beads and charms I've used though. 24" worth of textured brass chain and an interesting arrangement of embellishments.

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