How fast the weekend has slipped by us. Time moves way too fast these days. Would be fine if each new day brought good news but, on the contrary. I've stopped reading the newspapers, walk away when the TV channel is switched to CNN/BBC/Fox News........anything to do with current affairs. Whats the point? Same difference from every angle. I just indulge in my little pretties..........beads, beads and more beads. Buy more, create more and then buy some more. A little indulgent but it makes me happy. I've come to realise something very important in crafting. Its not about learning the intricacies of wirework or settings or metalsmithing.........its a lot to do with taste. Its little use knowing all the theories and not having good taste. Colors, textures, different have it or you dont. Very indulgent!

Back to the present, 28" of silverplated chain dotted with a few czech glass beads and a little posie of lucite, polymer clay, swarovski, cabochons, pewter. Pewter fairy measures approx 2-3/4"

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