I have never been to Turkey. I have met online, many lovely people from Turkey. My sister has been to this beautiful country and I have seen many of her photos plus photos online. This is the country whose landscape is dotted with battlegrounds, ruined castles and the palaces of great empires. This is the land where Alexander the Great slashed the Gordion Knot, where Achilles battled the Trojans in Homer’s Iliad, and where the Ottoman Empire fought battles that would shape the world. History buffs can immerse themselves in marvels and mementos stretching back to the dawn of civilisation. Here too is where my creations will be worn by a lovely lady I met via Facebook! I value my friends whether I've met them online or 'personally'.... I am thrilled that someone so far away appreciates my craftsmanship. I am truly blessed!
These little 'treasures' will leave for Turkey next week.

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