Another balmy afternoon.....beautiful sunlit skies, minimal breeze and high humidity. Not a day to be traipsing outside with shades or sunblock but definitely a great day for outdoor photography. I was wilting out in the porch and too lethargic to even open up my light tent as I wanted to get the photo taking over and done with so I could run back into the cool comfort of my work room.

This is a perfect, cool me down set of ear dressing! Gorgeous 'tilak' or necktie shape aquamarine quartz, a posy of lapis lazuli, iolite, green onyx, sky blue topaz, green and blue apatite and light aquamarine rondells and a solitary deep sapphire blue apatite briolette. I only have 2 sets of these brios. I'm keeping one set for myself so this makes this pair a 'limited' edition :-))

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