ELLEN BL349-10 S$75 SOLD

I spent a long time this evening working on this but I'm really pleased at the way it turned out. 10 strands with swarovski pearls and crystals. A gorgeous clasp into which I've embedded tiny swarvoski crystals. Contemplating keeping this for myself :D


Isom said...

I don't blame you for wanting to keep it, Belinda. I know I'd want to. Sometimes when you make something, it says "Keep me!" I'd say you should keep it & where it with pride. It really caught my eye too. :-)

Belinda Lee said... I'm not the only one who has her pieces "talk" to her. Many, many times I've wanted to keep something I've made and I always say "no worries I can make another one for myself" but I seldom do. I don't particularly like to remake a design...I get bored, but I do oblige others and remake for them ;p

Isom said...

That's so true of me too, Belinda. I tell myself I'll make another for myself but then forget about it or decide I'd rather have something different after all, Please tell me you kept this bracelet though! What is the gold-coloured stringing material made of? I'm not quite sure from the photo.

Belinda Lee said...

I sold it to someone who really appreciates my work so I'm ok with that and because I had planned to wear this on New Year's Eve I have made a 2nd piece with just a slight variation of the pearls/crystals. The stringing material is mesh ;p Send me an email if you want more