Only so many days left before Christmas. Still a few things that need to be attended to. Tomorrow I will have one more piece of jewelry to upload. Probably the last for the year....probably but not necessarily possibly :D

I'm still up and about finishing off the last few pieces of my custom orders. In between I'm scurrying to the fridge because I have an amazing array of fruits to munch on!

There's a melon, part of which we had at dinner, succulent, sweet and juicy and then there are strawberries, huge, firm and nicely sweet, I had to have one. I've just taken a handful of grapes - the green sort - firm, juicy, sweet and I also tried the cherry'd think they were grapes too because they are sweet with a hint of acidic tartness....just a hint...over the weekend, we'll be spoilt for choice because there are apples, mangoes and pears and lots and lots of little boxes of organic raisins.....mainly imported from Japan by the supermarket Meidi-ya, so quality is premium....ok...except for the raisins which are from Earthbound Farm in California but imported by the supermarket.

I am privileged to know this wonderful couple who drive all the way from their home to mine, to visit me, always with a large bag of specially selected fruits! Once upon a time, she started out as a 'customer' but now she holds a very special place in my heart and I always look forward to seeing her and her husband. Thank you lots!

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