This is the pair I created during my 'break' period. When I'm crafting 'repeats' I need to have a diversion....something that will refresh my senses so I can go back to finishing off the repeat orders with new zest. VIOLET is like a shot of pure adrenalin to the system. As the name infers, the briolettes are a tone between midnight blue and deep purple....neither here, nor there. I've indulged this set with the deepest blue iolite smooth briolettes, faceted tanzanite, iolite, smokey quartz, moonstone rondells....snowflakes of white and silver keishi pearls, sterling silver chain and pins and to complete the eye candy......ginormous earposts with the brilliance of cubic zirconia.
Might possibly be the last piece I'll create this week........I'm being cautious with my words.....monotony isn't my thing so if I need a break from whatever I'll be doing the rest of the time, I might just come back to the work table.......probably, just maybe, I may or I might ;p Have a good weekend folks!

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