A really cool, cool start to the new year with showers of blessings (well....I am an optimist and rather than complain about the rain and how wet everything is, I look on the bright side and see the reservoirs filling up, the plants getting their natural nourishment and the general atmosphere cooling down). No point in lamenting about the lack of sunlight so we'll just make do with whatever we've got.

This is a "always look on the bright side of life" type of earrings. Lovely, luxe and lush purple amethyst, a crown of natural orange padparadscha sapphire, pyrite, lemon quartz, citrine, pink amethyst and blue topaz and apatite rondells. Vermeil gold posts, studded with cubic zirconia add that final 'bang' to this luxurious velvety pair. Colours of the rondells are way superior than my photos ;p

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