FRIENDS .........

I've just returned from driving my husband to the Airport and when my housekeeper opened the front gate for me she muttered something about flowers. My sister's housekeeper's name is "Flower" in their language and I was thinking to myself "now what?" I mean its the 3rd of January and the last thing I'm expecting is for someone to be surprising me with flowers ;p
She saw the perplexed look on my face and then clarified and said someone sent me flowers and that got me excited.

Before leaving for the Airport I had given her instructions on disposing of or changing the water in the vases that contained flowers I had purchased over the Christmas period. This is just so perfect because it now fills the gap where some flowers used to be......
Now to this beautiful arrangement, which coincidentally has inspired me to create something in these colours, has been sent to me by a very dear friend. She has taken time out from her very, very busy life where she shuttles between her home and her parents home and has found time to think of me and do this for me. I was happy enough to receive her greetings for the Season because I know the stress and turmoil she is going thru' in caring for a sick parent so I am very, very touched by this gesture.

Thank you my dear Miss K!

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