ORCHID BL804-12 S$188 SOLD

I called this creation orchid because as I was taking photos of it in the garden, from the side of my eye I noticed a spray of orchid blooms which have an identical colour as the huge briolette I've used here as a pendant.

The blooms are as gorgeous as the pendant which hangs off a necklace comprising the most unusual, lusturous and flawless baroque druzy freshwater pearls. The shape is an irregular round and the nacre is thick and lusturous. These pearls are natural and un-dyed. Atop the brio are champagne tone keishi pearls. I really enjoyed putting this piece together and I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate the uniqueness of the pearls I've used.

Necklace measures: 19"
Ends with a gold vermeil toggle
Briolette: 21mm x 20mm
46.5 carats

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