JULIET BL854-12 S$100 SOLD

It's been a long while since we woke up to a cool, beautiful Saturday morning. The intense heat the last couple of months have been a little too unbearable, especially if its the weekend and everybody is attempting to do something out of the house.  Malls are packed, eateries are overflowing, parks and beaches are filled as if its the Apocalypse and its safer in numbers so we all, its different.  Light pitter patter of rain drops and a constant 'cool' which in Singapore would mean a low of 24* C!  By C, I'm talking metric.....Celcius :(  Well, we can't be too fussy after having braved soaring temps of 35* C....yup.....that hot and with probably 99.9% humidity.

All this talk of heat brings me to this red hot whopper of a shell pearl! 23mm x 18mm its one fat shell pearl! 1/2 drilled, I've attached a gorgeous crystal studded bail and designed the chain using faceted black onyx.  A couple of elongated torpedo shape red coral brings the focus back to the dazzler - the Pearl with a capital "P".  Necklace length is 18"/45.5cm and the centrepiece drop is 2"/5cm.  Check out  I've done a quick 'outit' ensembleto go along with this necklace.  Of course jeans and a simple top would do just as well!

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