TYRA BL869-12 S$70 SOLD

After several days of dreamy cool weather, Saturday dawned on us with the full force of the sun that was in hibernation these last few days.  With added vitality its shining down brightly on us and truly, unless you're a lover of the sun, sand and sea, I'd prefer to take pleasure in hiding in the coolness of my home.  Whilst chilling in my work room I was inspired by the slightly swaying bushes outside my work room window.  That scene inspired me to create a pair of earrings reminiscent of a luxurious swimming pool waters, lush greenery with a speck here and there of pale pink flowers and twinkling stars in the night.

Dark teal trillion cut, faceted quartz measuring approx 13mm x 13mm, a soft cascade of shaded apatite, aquamarine, prehnite, deep teal quartz and pink topaz.

Drop for this cool pair: 4.5cm

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Jovie2012 said...

I am like you, I would be inside where it is cool, but enjoying the scenery from the window.��Beautiful earrings!