CLARA BL868-12 S$50 SOLD

We've been enjoying cool days out here in Singapore but the air quality isn't too good due to the haze caused by forest fires somewhere in Summatra.  I've had to start my day with antihistamines as I'm super sensitive to smoke particles but I'm not complaining as the weather has been a wonderful reprieve from the hot sweltering days we were experiencing before this.

I'm working on earrings this period - custom as well as my own 'choice' creations.  Here, another set of gorgeous polymer clay elongated briolette beads - grey, shades of purple, green, white and off white.  I've used the same colours to pick out the stones I've used for embellishment - shaded green onyx, citrine, purple amethyst and moonstones.  I've chosen silver tone for the metal work.

Brios: 25mm x 10mm
Drop: Approx 4 cm

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