It's such a beautiful, nostalgic Saturday afternoon out here in sunny Singapore.  The breeze that is filtering softly through the opens doors into the house bring me back to the time I was just a child growing up in a beautiful bungalow by the seafront.  The bungalow was the home of my Dad's cousin and we were blessed to spend a few years of my parent's early marriage years in that house.  For someone who grew up by the seafront I truly don't understand my fear of the sea.  Photos of those years show me with my huge beautiful dog, on the beach, without a care in the world, just happy.  Nostalgic and slightly sad.  Those days are long gone.  

Back to the present, the breeze, mild sunshine and the sounds of silence all around me, make me want to sit and cry but I'm not one to dwell on negativity, instead, I've been working on lots of stuff - custom orders, random creations.......

JULIET is a cheerful pair.  Bright cheerful coloured rondells with a sprinkling of sober, toned down colours.  The rondells comprise garnets, pink topaz, iolite, black onyx, carnellians, labradorites, mooonstones, blue topaz.....this cloud of happiness crowns an outstanding set of fan shaped London blue topaz measuring approx 18mm x 14mm and weighing in @ approx 18 carats.
They drop at around 4 cm.

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