My first, non-bespoke piece for the month of December.  The year is quickly coming to an end and I'm happy to be finishing off my custom orders.  I found time to work on this lovely earthy tone necklace, influenced by photos I'm seeing of the season that has ended and being taken over very rapidly by Winter.  Many of my friends in Europe have been waking up to snow, but out here in Equatorial Singapore we don't have the privilege of 4 seasons, having either the sun or the rain dominating our weather patterns.

This earthy, Autumn tone necklace features polymer clay pearls and minerals in different shapes and sizes.  I've used round and rondell shape impression jasper, hand carved red creek elongated jasper, caramel tone moonstones, and olive serpentine beads.  Necklace measures approx 38"/96.5cm and can be wound 2x round for a shorter style.  

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