CLAIRE BL849-12 S$90 SOLD OOAK - No repeats

Whilst I would love to call this pair AUTUMN, I know that the weather we're experiencing and the weather in some parts of the US, the name would be inappropriate because Autumn conjours the weather cooling down, leaves on trees turning from green to gold but the reality is, our flora and fauna are parched and the occassional spitting - light showers is how the weatherman terms it - does nothing to cool down or revive the parched grass and trees around us.

CLAIRE features 2 gorgeous madeira citrine, faceted rectangles with bevelled edges.  I've cooled down these beauties with lemon quartz, prehnite, pomergranate quartz and mystic carnellian rondelles and brios.  Goldfilled chains and a set of TDF - to die for as a favourite fan of mine likes to say - ear studs.  

Madeira Citrine - 32 carats in total/25mm x 10mm
Drop: 5cm - from earposts to base of madeira citrine quartz.
Goldfilled chains drop a further 1cm from base of rect. brios

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