After weeks of sweltering heat, finally there's some relief.  Since late last night till around 5 am this morning we had a thunderstorm with abundant rain following.  Up till an hour ago there was beautiful sunshine with a cool breeze - hard to believe that the two descriptive phrases could be used in the same sentence; beautiful sunshine and cool breeze - but its true.  

After the post office and a package 'by hand' drop we had a relatively early lunch and I decided to take a 'break' from the 3 custom orders I'm working on and do up something different.  

Inspired or rather, influenced, by the recent heat wave, I've called this SAHARA, like the dessert, hot and barren with mirages of oasis' on the horizon.

Smooth oval impression jasper, corresponding mooakite smooth beads and a lovely irregular shaped flat oval drop orange and sand tone impression jasper pendant.  Lariat style, this measures 19".

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