LYNNE BL857-12 S$65 SOLD

Today I made a bride very happy.  I hand delivered (her house is a 10 minute drive away from mine) a package for her 'bethrothal gifts' ceremony  (the groom will deliver the bethrotal gifts to the bride's family on an auspicuous date), her wedding day bracelet and earrings.  It was a good feeling being able to complete everything on time.  

After a nice long lunch, I've decided to check out some of my new purchases which I've only just found time to sort and price. Part of my recent acquisitions are snowflake jaspers. These really lovely smooth snowflake jasper elongated ovals are matched with  freshwater pearls and mystic black onyx rondells.  Shoulder duster tassles hang from the back of this pair and because its a flat back stone, the tassles sit really nice and neatly and emerge at the base of the stone.

Jasper specs: 8mm x 22mm
Total drop: 9.5cm - Might seem long but they're really nice looking when worn.


Yazmin said...

These are really lovely!

Belinda Lee said...

Thanks Yazmin for taking time out to visit my blog. Fi is growing so quickly and I'm sure she consumes both Mom and Dad to the max so it does mean a lot that you found time to admire my work.