HOLLY BL862-12 S$120 SOLD

Where do I begin, to tell the story of how beautiful natural periwinkle blue chalcedony is, in reality?  Translucent with occassional clouds within but overall just stunningly beautiful
I spent several days over this piece, savouring every moment of the journey whilst I set and reset the pearls and stunning periwinkle blue chalcedony nuggets.  I've used an assortment of freshwater pearls - assorted shapes, sizes and colour and of course there is but just one shade of periwinkle blue chalcedony.  These nuggets are translucent, each piece different from the other.  A discreet addition of lavender blue freshwater pearls have also been added to keep the chalcedony company.  A triple strand, rhinestone studded clasp is an added side feature.  
All wirework has been completed with 14k goldfilled wire.

Necklace length is approximately 20" (length of longest strand from end to end).  

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